Arsenal Vs Fulham
right back improve
in defense ,
support attack ? balanse ?
koceralny, jorue
gervinho good in creating,
passing ,skill,speed ,
needs goal luck

liverpool Vs Man city
Man city 2/3 players shoule be
change a little tired ?
midfield and wings need to good *
liverpool midfield defense rough
they can give foul
left back good in defense
right back attack good
defense alittle weak

Man u Vs New Castle
Man u back weak
newcastle not tired
full time

Sunderland Vs Wigan

Zaragoza Vs Sevilla
Malaga Vs Villa real

Getafe Vs Barcelona
wings messi and
pedro /sanchez /akantara
alternate good
should be test midfield
not important time
ineasta + fabrigas +dmf
xavi rest
barca is stable in 433
if need goal , 343 good
all two types good
for back 4 …..
centre back …..
(marshaerano+basquit )alittle weak
(marsharano+pique ,puyol )good
(basquit+ pique,puyol)good
for wings back
alves ,adrino,mexwell ,all good

Auxeree Vs Lyon
Marseille Vs PSG
Lille Vs Brest

Mainz Vs Bayern
dordmond Vs Schalke
schalke attack also good
Hartha barlin Vs Liverkusen

Lazio Vs Juventus
*Udinese Vs Roma *
Ac Vs Cheivo

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